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Name .sseq
Type Sound Sequence Data
Featured in Various
Editable? Mostly
There is a loss of data when editing .sseq files.

An .sseq file is a music sequence. It is essentially a MIDI file for the Nintendo DS.

File Specifications[]

For specifications on the sseq format, look at one of the following pages:


kiwi.ds (downloads the HTML file)

Tahaxan (DEAD LINK)

Programs to Edit .sdat Files[]

sseq2midi - Converts an sseq file to MIDI for editing with a regular MIDI editor.
midi2sseq - Converts a MIDI to sseq.
NDS Sound Extractor (Read only, works on an .nds rom and automatically extracts or converts sseq data)

Note that Jump/Call/Loop events in original SSEQ files are lost when they are converted into MIDI files.