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Name .swar
Type Sound Wave Archive
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An .swar is the archive that holds sound samples, likely for playback with .sseq files, in a DS ROM.

File Specifications[]

Visual Basic Signature:

   <StructLayout(LayoutKind.Sequential, Charset:=CharSet.Ansi, Pack:=1)>
   Public Structure sSWAV
       Public header As sHeader
       Public data As sData
       Public Structure sHeader
           <MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.ByValTStr, sizeconst:=4)> Public type As Char() ' "SWAV"
           Public magic As UInteger ' &H0100feff
           Public nFileSize As UInteger ' Size of this SWAV file
           Public nSize As UShort ' Size of this structure. Always = 16
           Public nBlock As UShort ' Number of Blocks. Mostly = 1
       End Structure
       Public Structure sData
           <MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.ByValTStr, sizeconst:=4)> Public type As Char() ' "DATA"
           Public nSize As UInteger' Size of this structure
           Public info As SWAVInfo' info about the sample
           Public data As Byte()' array of binary data
           ' info about the sample
           Public Structure SWAVInfo
               Public nWaveType As Byte' 0 = PCM8, 1 = PCM16, 2 = (IMA-)ADPCM
               Public bLoop As Byte' Loop flag = TRUE|FALSE
               Public nSampleRate As UShort' Sampling Rate
               Public nTime As UShort' (ARM7_CLOCK / nSampleRate) [ARM7_CLOCK: 33.513982MHz / 2 = 1.6756991 E +7]
               Public nLoopOffset As UShort' Loop Offset (expressed in words (32-bits))
               Public nNonLoopLen As UInteger' Non Loop Length (expressed in words (32-bits))
           End Structure
       End Structure
   End Structure

For specifications on the sseq format, look at any of these pages:

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Programs to Edit .sdat Files[]

NDS Sound Extractor (Read only, only operates on a packed .nds ROM, not an individual .swar)