DS Lazy is a tool that allows you to perform many functions on a DS ROM. Its user-friendliness as well as DS ROM unpacking and packing capability makes it a popular and essential program to use for DS ROM hacking.


Features of DS Lazy Edit

trimmer Edit

The trimmer will trim a DS ROM by removing unnecessary bytes of data from a DS ROM. It is purely to save disk space.

ndsloader Edit

This is for prepending a small ndsloader.

crashme Edit

This scans for crashme code in a ROM.

ndspatch Edit

This patches a file with ]{ain's “ndspatcher” so that you can load and use an NDS ROM with a GBA Flash Cart device.

nds unpack Edit

Unpacks a DS ROM to the NDS_UNPACK folder.

nds packer Edit

Creates a DS ROM from the data in the NDS_UNPACK folder. After packing, it will prompt you for a file name to save the packed ROM as.