Nintendo DS Hacking Wiki
Welcome to the Nintendo DS Hacking Wiki!

This is a wiki about hacking Nintendo DS games. There are many tools for general DS hacking, as well as tools for individual games.

There are two important rules here:

  • WE DO NOT SUPPORT PIRACY! Please read the article on how to dump your own DS games. It is easy, and anyone with a wireless router or Slot-2 device can do it.
  • We do not, and will not, host any illegal files. That includes parts of official development kits, roms, and files extracted from DS roms.

Once you finished dumping a game you may want to hack, you can start utilizing the tools on this site!

The following pages should get you started:
Nintendo DS Tools
Nintendo DS Games
List of DS File Types in DS ROMs
Also, note that this wiki is for informational and educational purposes only.


  • 2010/09/13 18:20: Just found out Tahaxan's site is down. :( Also added a source for file specifications.


We take no responsibility for any damages you may do to your DS, your games, flash cards, your PC, your sandwich, siblings, or anything else for that matter. This site is a fan site for research and informational purposes only. We are in no way affiliated with any companies mentioned within the articles, including Nintendo. By using this site, you must agree that you have not obtained or will not obtain any game mentioned within the site illegally.